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Cook to Live - Saturday,March 31st 2018

Saturday, March 31, 3pm - 5:30pm

Learn how to eat to maintain weight, skin, teeth, nails and heart. Learn how to make a healthy (eating on a budget) meal. Leave with handouts on Heathy Food Charts, Eating on a Budget, 3P's --- Plan, Purchase, Prepare

Eat a meal for an energetic vital life & healthy weight.

Eat a meal for cleansed bloodstream and our five eliminative organs.

Eat for life.

Funmilayo Chesney

Graduate of Hippocrates Institutes Empowering for over 20 years!

Be Your Own Doctor!

Saturday, March 31, 3pm - 5:30pm

in a Brownstone Kitchen in Park Slope.

Early Bird Special $65 per person if paid by March 16th. $75 after March 16th, $85 at the door. Space is limited.

Focus: Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cancer.

Objectives: Students will identify their nutritional habits and learn about healthy food choices, food preparation, preferred cooking utensils, benefits of seaweed, cooking oil, whole grains, beans and legumes, healing herbs, the benefits of exercise, the 16 important elements in the bloodstream, our 5 important eliminative organs and the importance of Acid/ Alkaline balance in the human body and so much more.

Summary: Nutritional and menu habits will be discussed, as well as effective strategies for incorporating healthy nutrition choices and physical activity into practical daily living. Dance/Yoga will be our modern activity for this workshop.

Aim: What are some dietary alternatives to maintain health? So come and excite your taste buds with a combination of tasty Brazillian, African and Caribbean flavors.

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